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Steven Lin

we’ve reached the finals at the Arthur
Rubinstein International Piano Master
, the 6 remaining of the 16
contestants, after a second piano solo
round, were, none of them, ones I
would’ve selected, to my profound

a friend expressed such disgust after
Germany beat her favoured Brazil in
a recent soccer match

will you keep on watching, I asked,
she’d already been watching

I opted to also do the same

it‘s like soccer, I suggested, but for
nerds, for her to get my picture

with his second performance, of
Beethoven’s exhilarating 1st Piano
, after a rousing Brahms
Piano and Strings Quartet, his opus
, during the first of the Finals
round, Steven Lin knocks the ball,
I think, right out of the ballpark

and into the very ages, watch, I
predict, this guy outright fly


reflections on love


there is no happy way out of love,
your love leaves you, or you leave
your love, you die first, or your
love does

there are no other exits

there is no upside, but itself
the bliss of love, its existential,
however evanescent, rapture

its, also, transformational