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Andrejs Osokins‏

the Rachmaninov Three is also a monument
of our culture, mighty and magnificent

Andrejs Osokins makes it resplendent,

I’d earlier berated him for being unkempt,
for his, after all, public, and
surely not gratis, performance, but here
he utterly redeems himself, he is
possessed, an instrument of the music

Andrejs Osokins could win, all bets are
therefore off

watch, join me, join in


Seong-jin Cho‏


the Parthenon


in the last phase of the Arthur Rubinstein
Piano Master Competition
, wherein
contestants play with the Israel
Philharmonic Orchestra
, of course
resounding works abound, among those
Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto holds
a revered place, in our culture it stands
right up there with the Parthenon, the
Roman Coliseum, the Cathedral at
Chartres, as an icon, an emblem, of
our civilization

here Seong-jin Cho gives it an impeccable,
an irreproachable, rendering, lights it up,
sets it on very fire

don’t not watch