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“Blue Jasmine” – Woody Allen‏

"Lady in Blue" - Lin Fengmian

Lady in Blue

Lin Fengmian


watch also Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine“,
Cate Blanchett got an Oscar, A Streetcar
Named Desire
for the 21st Century, with
an Oscar performance to match

a moment of silence for Vivien Leigh,
extraordinary in her role, may she ever
rest in peace


“Whatever Works” – Woody Allen

"Clown with Flowers"- Marc Chagall

Clown with Flowers (1963)

Marc Chagall


after Existentialism, Camus, Sartre,
after “God Is Dead”, there was
Woody Allen, to let us know that,
you know, Whatever Works“, you
can either jump out ‘ a window or
make the best of it

I am, of course, Boris Yellnikov,
though my girl from Mississippi
hasn’t shown up yet

nor for that matter has my

maybe I should jump out ‘ a

what do you think