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“Self-Portrait” (1901) – Raoul Dufy, revisited

                    Self-Portrait - Raoul Dufy

                                              Self-Portrait  (1901)  

                                                       Raoul Dufy 



someone suggested that what one saw when

one looked into Dufy’s eyes was a reflection

of oneself, this seems to me to be nearly

incontestable, think about it 




psst: thanks Dorothy



“Self-Portrait” (1901) – Raoul Dufy‏


                             Self-Portrait - Raoul Dufy


                                          Self-Portrait”  (1901) 
                                            Raoul Dufy  

this Dufy completely undoes me, if you
look into his eyes he’ll soon see right
through you, more intently than you
could ever give back, it’s as though
you’re the one being dissected 
or is it just me