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Gustav Klimt's "Music"

Music (1895)

Gustav Klimt


not for lack of imagination, lately, but for,
rather, lack of confidence, the complaint
of any would-be poet, the complaint of
any proponent of oneself, one’s persona,
one’s own, however benign, however even
benevolent, ideas, I retreated into myself,
surrendering to forthright inspiration for
any, elusive enough, courage

inspiration, through its usual unsuspected
channels, and as ever categorically, gave
me, reliably, Music“, Klimt‘s ineluctable
masterpiece, not even for its iconic image,
but for its transcendental comment on
art’s interpretive counterpart, music

world’s meld

a “magical mystical miracle” happens, as
Katharine Hepburn, in her utterly
enchanting movie, Summertime“,
would have it, irrepressible as ever

I had to share


psst: note the juxtaposition of contrasting
colours, patterns, impressions, note
the Baroque presentation of Classical
imperatives, touched with Romantic
sensibilities, kicking off, not
incidentally, Modernism

on the evolution of poetry‏


in “T. E. Hulme: The First Modern Poet?“,

Interesting Literature“, a great literary

blog I’m now following, says an awful

lot about the pivot to Modernism in the

early 20th Century, from the earlier

more allusive style of the Romantics,

essentially, the style we now find too 

often affected, and even consequently

irrelevant, the play of a metaphorical

imagination having given way in our

more impatient generations to a 

requirement, for better or for worse,

for “just the facts, ma’am, you’ll have

to put off the roses till there’s time to

properly smell them”, “allusive” has

bitten, it appears, the proverbial dust  



ever respectfully